CRM Trainer Course 6 Days

Join our 5 day physical course or 6 day hybrid CRM Trainer Course directed for aviation personnel. This course covers the CRM topics as laid out in EASA AMC1 ORO.FC.115, AMC3 ORO.FC.115, AMC1 ORO.CC.115(e) & AMC2.ORO.146 for aviation personnel to become CRM Trainers and more by reflecting an underlying perspective inspired from Safety Science, like concepts such as Safety-II. This means that the participants can expect introduction of new perspectives that departs in different areas, from traditional CRM training, as we challenge some of the assumptions about what CRM is, and look into what CRM could be. We believe that CRM training serves as a suitable platform in addressing safety related talks that goes beyond the individual, and expands into the system as a whole.

Our aim is to deliver and facilitate quality training, that supports and assists the participants in their role as CRM Trainers, that reflects the work as it is done in the real world work environment, which incorporates addressing features of the systems, such as the influence of organisational demands and pressures and regulatory constraints. 

In an effort to allow the participants some reflection on the course material, the hybrid course is built by 3 days of online training (3 separate days of online training with 1-2 weeks apart) and is completed with 3 consecutive days in Dragør, Copenhagen, with time for further discussions in the physical room, socialising and making presentations. The participants can expect to use some time for preparation outside the planned days of training. 

Our 5 days physical CRM Trainer course are held in Copenhagen, or can be provided on site. 

The CRM Trainer program is either 5 or 6 days covering the topics below: 

Day 1

  • Introduction and role of the CRM Trainer
  • History of Human Factors and Crew Resource Management
  • Generations at work
  • Human error and reliability
  • Human performance and limitations
  • Information processing and acquisition

Day 2

  • Recap and exercise
  • Building a lesson plan
  • Facilitation and Pedagogy
  • Personality awareness
  • Attitudes, Behaviours and social context
  • Effective communication

Day 3

  • Recap and presentation techniques
  • Threat and Error Management
  • Experience and practical knowledge
  • Cross cultural differences
  • Human Performance and limitations
  • Fatigue 

Day 4

  • Recap 
  • Shared Situational awareness
  • Collaboration among crew and organisation
  • Automation philosophy
  • Startle and surprise
  • Assessment

Day 5

  • Recap of online training
  • Exercise
  • Group dynamics
  • Safety and Just Culture
  • Mental Health
  • Power of the people

Day 6

  • Presentations
  • Presentations
  • Resilient performance
  • Leadership and cooperation
  • The role of the CRM Trainer
  • Summary and certificates

The program includes:

  • 3 Days Online training and 3 Days of classroom training or
  • 5 Days of classroom training
  • AHF Company Resource Management work book
  • Online access to power point slides, articles, videos for inspiration
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Refreshments and lunch during the stay in Copenhagen

Next open course in Copenhagen:

5 days CRM Trainer course: June 17th – June 21st 2024

Next open hybrid course: 

3 days online: August 23rd, 29th & 30th 2024 and

3 days in Copenhagen: September 4th – 6th 2024

For airlines our courses are planned on demand, please contact

Price: 2095€ per participant incl. vat

Minimum 3 participants and maximum 6 participants on the courses. 

 We are however still flexible for organisations with 3 or more participants to deliver the 5 days classroom CRM Trainer Course as on-site or at our facilities in Dragør.

Our training facilities are located at:

A.P. Møllers Allé 43B
2791 Dragør
Copenhagen, Denmark