CRM Trainer Course 5 Days

Join our 5 day CRM Trainer Course in Dragør, Copenhagen. Although in full compliance with EASA AMC 1 ORO.FC.115, AMC 3 ORO.FC.115 & AMC 1 ORO.CC.115(e) for aviation personnel to become CRM Trainers, this course is also very relevant for people working within other Safety-critical industries when becoming trainers or instructors in their field of expertise.

This course is build up of 5 intense days of training, in an effort to support, assist, and dress the participants for their future role as trainers. With the participant’s experience as a base, we create discussions around the humans in the system. Additionally we go through techniques of how to facilitate and build a lesson plan. Inspired by Safety Science we challenge the assumptions about what safety means, and discuss what CRM also can be by seeing work in a safety-critical job through a different set of lenses. The 5 day program is provisionally:

Day 1

  • Introduction and role of the CRM Trainer
  • History of Human Factors and Crew Resource Management
  • Generations at work
  • Human error and reliability
  • Human performance and limitations

Day 2

  • Recap and exercise
  • Building a lesson plan
  • Instruction and facilitation
  • Personality awareness
  • Behaviours and social context
  • Group dynamics

Day 3

  • Recap and presentation techniques
  • Threat and Error Management
  • Experience and practical knowledge
  • Safety, Company and Just Culture
  • Human Performance and limitations

Day 4

  • Recap and presentations
  • Situational awareness
  • Collaboration among crew and organisation
  • Gift and challenges of the CRM Training
  • Automation philosophy
  • Assessment

Day 5

  • Presentations
  • Resilience
  • Mental Health
  • Power of the people
  • The role of the CRM Trainer
  • Summary and certificates

The aim of this course is to create some reflection for the participants for continuous work after the course and in their future roles as trainers in their specific field. To support the participant’s process after the course, this program includes one-year free membership for the online group ‘AHF HOP’ solely for participants on our courses (read more here) where we continue the discussions, ask questions, create new topics to discuss, and share knowledge across the industries for continuous inspiration in the training.

The program includes:

  • 5 Days classroom training
  • Collaborative Resource Management work book
  • Membership for the AHF HOP online group 
  • Memory stick with power point slides, articles, videos for inspiration
  • Hand outs during the course
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Refreshments and lunch

Min. 3 participants and max. 8 participants on the courses.

Price: 2095€ incl. vat

Our next course:

  • February 21st to 25th 2022 (very few seats available!)
  • Online March 2nd – 4th & 7th – 8th 2022 (price 1750€)
  • April 25th to 29th 2022

A.P. Møllers Allé 43B
2791 Dragør
Copenhagen, Denmark

For additional Human Performance and Limitations (HPL) training for Cabin Crew or refresher for pilots, please see under HPL training.