Human Factors Training
for Safety-Critical Industries


What are we all about?

About Human Factors provides Human Factors training within safety-critical industries, either as on-site or at our location in Dragør, 10 minutes from Copenhagen airport.

Inspired by Safety Science we offer a variety of Human Factors courses, based on more than 20 years of experience from the aviation industry. Through collaboration with the specific industry, the training and courses are developed from and based on relevant case studies and exercises. They involve and challenge the participant’s thinking about safety, in an effort to understand, address, and recognise safety in the practices of everyday work.

The courses are directed to include frontline personnel, management, and authorities in safety-critical industries who wish to update, modify, and refresh the current thinking about safety, by seeing, understanding, and assisting in enhancing safety practices that benefit the system as a whole. 

The Courses

Online Courses, Fixed Courses in Copenhagen or Courses Conducted In-House

About Human Factors provide an array of different course formats and content focused on human factors and safety.

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About Human Factors is a Danish company founded in 2016 in an effort to raise the quality of Crew Resource Management in aviation. It has since expanded in the concept with inspiration from Safety Science to incorporate Human Factors in Safety-critical industries. AHF is run by Gitte Furdal Damm, based on many years in the aviation industry merged with studies in Human Factors and System Safety at Lund University.

The effort goes to improving the wellbeing of people working in safety-critical industries, by challenging ‘old’ assumptions and opening up for more honest discussions about how work is done, how it impacts the people involved, and how we can learn and improve the conditions through collaboration.

Where to find us

Framehouse, Dragør

We are positioned at Framehouse in Dragør, just 10 minutes from Copenhagen Airport. This modern, sustainable wooden building offers an inspiring and “new nordic” learning environment for our courses.

What the Clients Say

“The course did meet and exceeded expectations. One reason being that we had healthy discussion about CRM at a ‘higher’ level than ‘normal’ CRM sessions”

Leonard Holmgren Holm
Pilot, CityJet

“Good  discussions and subjects to reflect upon. Nice atmosphere throughout the course. I enjoyed the scientific approach to human error, the different ‘schools’ and thought processes. Would like more of this modern way of thinking and analysing human factors”

Christian Ungar
Flight Inspector, Danish Aviation Authority

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About Human Factors is located in Dragør just 10 minutes from Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup, Denmark.